Instagram Working To Fix A Bug Which Increased Your Follower Count. Sad !

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Earlier Confirming to TechCrunch’s Josh Constine, Instagram says that a bug, which caused many users’ followers counts to increase, is in the works of being fixed. Yup, you will get lesser than expected number of followers. Yup, thats sad. Yup, thats sad….

This happened just today when a few people actually saw their followers count inflate hundreds, thousands, and for the biggest stars like King Bach, as many as 10,000 new followers.

Many people speculated that this may have happened because of a hack or a security threat but Instagram confirmed that it was just a bug and that its team is working on a fix for it.

To explain the fluctuations in the follow count, Instagram is directing people to this Help Center post. this is what the photo-sharing website has to say,

We’ve identified a bug causing incorrect follower counts to appear on some profiles. We’re working to fix it, and any counts that have been affected will be restored when we’ve resolved the issue.

The increase was thus a mistake and once Instagram has fixed this bug, you will be left with the actual number of followers you hold. As there were no actual people following or unfollowing anyone, just the count inflating due to the bug, the numbers will soon return to where they should be.

So, if you thought that suddenly your popularity levels were going sky-high and hence you too were rocketing up in the sky,  I am sorry to be the bearer of the harsh truth, but everything remains the same, no more followers. But then, who wants an increased follower count due to a bug ! Get the best pics up, and get some real followers !


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