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Reach your targeted audience with India’s most loved destination for all technology related news. Advertise with Tech-Portal with plans, starting as low as INR 4,000.

Various Advertising Schemes at Tech-Portal, for your kind of Business. Place a Leaderboard ad, or a sidebar rectangle, all your digital advertising needs, solved by Tech Portal. Here are various advertising spaces on our websites :

1) LeaderBoard Ad :

A leaderboard Ad is one of the highlighting advertisement position on our website. Your brand’s visibility is present, right at the opening of Tech Portal. Your brand banner appears, right next to Tech Portal’s logo. Here’s an example of leader board ad :


2) Primary Sidebar Ad  ( x 2):

A Primary Sidebar Ad, appears to the left of the website, beneath the trending posts option. It provides your brand, some quick visibility, once the viewer scrolls down. Here’s an example :




To request a quote on any of the above advertising positions, mail us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help.

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