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Indian Angel Network Invests $600K In Delhi-based Infinity Assurance Solutions

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Infinity Assurance Solutions, a Delhi-based startup that specializes in Service Administration including Manufacturer Warranty and creating & managing warranty products has raised $600K (INR 3.84 Cr) in a round led by members of the Indian Angel Network.

The round was led by the IAN investor members Mr. Vishal Lalani (Managing Director – Indication Instruments Limited) and Mr. Ajai Chowdhry, Founder, HCL.

Infinity Assurance Solutions aims to address the increasing hassles which come with warranty management in the country for manufacturers, retailers as well as customers. The startup does this in a unique and cost effective manner for all brands of Consumer Electronics, Brown & White goods, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Printers, Copiers, Projectors etc.

Rajesh Kumar Goel, Founder & CEO, Infinity Assurance Solutions said,

Our focus is on helping companies manage their service obligations at fixed price by adding a lot of value to their consumers. We also have our own in-house brand, InfyShield which is sold to the end consumers through Retailers as well as eCommerce marketplaces. IAN’s vast network of investors and mentors during our early stage will help grow our business and establish ourselves in the sector at a much quicker pace.

Infinity Assurance Solutions will be offering Theft and Burglary Protection to mobility and personal devices very soon under their InfyShield umbrella and this investment will strengthen the research and development for the same.

The company has managed to bring unique post-warranty solutions to the country for the consumers of Telecom and Utility providing companies. Infinity Assurance Solutions adds value to the consumer through various segments such as providing service delivery through manufacturer authorised service centres which assure the consumer of genuine parts.

Infinity Assurance Solutions has been expanding its geographical coverage with reaching out to the general trade by enhancing its distribution capabilities across the country and has already acquired distributors to sell its InfyShield products.


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