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Taking a leaf out of Facebook’s book, Twitter has released a brand new feature that will let users save data while using its android or iOS apps. Unlike Facebook however, where you are required to download an entirely different app, Twitter users can access the data saver mode by going to settings, and flipping a switch.

Of course, Twitter also has its own ‘Lite’ version of the app. However, this mode will prove more useful for folks who usually have a good internet connection, but run into connectivity issues infrequently. The new app will reportedly  let users save up to 70 percent on data while also letting them load content up to 30 percent faster.

So how this works is pretty simple: Once you have turned the data saver mode on, videos on you Twitter feed won’t autoplay while the photos will load at a lower resolution. Users can always view content at full quality by tapping on a tweet’s drop-down menu and choosing the “Load High Quality.” option.

Twitter has also released a few more minor improvements. These include the ability to manage group chats, improved voice over for polls, and finally, better labels for advertisements. We will add more details once we try these features out ourselves.

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