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Instagram for Android finally receives an offline mode

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Instagram has finally received an offline mode over the Android platform. Aimed towards regions with low data connectivity, this particular feature will cater to the vast majority of Instagram’s users, who are from outside the US. The company announced the feature today, at the F8 conference.

The feature is limited to Android for now, however, it could soon expand to the iOS platform as well. As the name implies you could use the feature to seamlessly (almost!) continue browsing Instagram even when you are offline. You can also do stuff like Like things, save media, or unfollow people and all of that will take place when you are connected again.

Meanwhile, Facebook is probably capitalizing upon the opportunities it sees in developing countries. It has banked upon this in the past, such as with the success of its Facebook Lite app. With offline usage possible in countries where data is an issue, the feature could well be Instagram’s breakthrough.

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