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iWork, iMovie & GarageBand apps are now free for all Mac & iOS users

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Apple has introduced updated variants of its iWork, iMovie & GarageBand apps . The updated applications were quietly rolled out for the Mac and iOS platform and will now allow all users free access to their services. Freeing these app wasn’t a new decision though and the company was already offering free versions through new purchases of Mac or iPhones.

A while ago, users purchasing new Macs or iPhones discovered that these applications were now free on their platform. However, this was limited solely to new devices and you had to purchase  new hardware to avail yourself of this offer. Now though, the applications are free to all iOS and mac users.

In case you are unaware of the nature of these apps, well, their names are pretty self-explanatory. While iWork is a a suite of productivity apps, iMovie and GarageBand are apps focused upon things like movies and music. The Mac versions of the iWork apps were $19.99 and the iOS versions were $9.99 apiece. iMovie and GarageBand were similarly priced for Mac $14.99 and $4.99, respectively, and their iOS counterparts were $4.99 on the App Store.

By making the applications free for everyone, Apple is significantly increasing the reach of the suite of apps. To check this feature out in person, make sure you have the latest apps installed in your devices and that’s it.

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