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Arduino makes hardware hacking easier than ever with its new ESLOV IoT Invention Kit

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The electronics market today is filled with hundreds of thousands of devices. And yeah, that means there is more than one device that has the same design. But this kind of an industry was unthinkable a few years back when hardware hacking was just a concept. Recreating any device was one of the hardest jobs then, and it was absolution for tech giants like Samsung, LG, Sony etc.

But like every era, that era also came to an end. This was all thanks to the smart yet cunning folks at Arduino. Sure, we’ve seen a number of Arduino kits that allow developers to build any sort of device easily, but today, the company has unleashed a very new concept.

Build any hardware you want now, and connect it to the internet using the ESLOV IoT Invention Kit. This means your device will be able to collect data from around the globe and send out its own analytics etc.

The ESLOV kit will allow you to add Internet of Things capabilities to almost any hardware you can think of. A refrigerator, a home-theatre system, a washing machine, whatever the appliance, Arduino’s new kit will make it come alive.

The company describes the development kit as a “plug-and-play toolkit” that lets you connect multiple sensors and outputs together to create various systems. All of these modules are controlled via Arduino’s online IDE. That means chances of failure are very less.

The basic system comprises of multiple ATmega328P processors, the same ones found on the Arduino Uno, a series of sensors as well as a Wi-Fi hub. These sensors are run by individual ATmegas. You can get the kit at three levels– a basic kit that gets you a WiFi and motion hub, a button, a buzzer and an LED for $99, an intermediate kit comprising of the important units you need to get started for $249 and a Pro model that fetches you a Hall sensor, OLED Display and GPS (22 modules in total) for $499.

The toolkit is expected to go out for sale next July.

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