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Falling in line with speculations, Microsoft has today quietly unveiled a new Modern Keyboard, which looks exactly similar to the recently launched Surface keyboard. It brings along the same sturdy aluminium top cover and the basic key layout to this keyboard.

But, there’s one notable and useful difference in this Modern keyboard and it corroborates with leaks which surfaced in Bluetooth SIG filings. One key on this keyboard is different from that present on the Surface keyboard and that’s the key with a fingerprint sensor integrated into the same. This feature will enable users to log in to any Windows 10 device using Windows Hello Fingerprint Authentication.

If you closely look at the Modern Keyboard, you’ll not be able to discern the presence of the fingerprint sensor on the same. The Redmond giant has played this well and the fingerprint sensor has been embedded into just another key — placed right next to the right ‘ALT’ button on the keyboard. This key sports a fingerprint symbol on the key and pressing the same will instantly unlock a Windows 10 system if you’ve already setup Windows Hello.

Another highlight of this Modern Keyboard will have to be the fact that one can use it either in wired or wireless mode, whichever they desire. The pairing, whose experience has been greatly improved, happens over Bluetooth and automatically when the cable has been connected during system reboot. It is supported not only by the latest Windows 10 operating system but also across some of the most popular platforms like Windows 10 Phone, macOS, Android 4.4.2+ if they support Bluetooth 4.0 and higher.

The Modern Keyboard will become available for purchase for 129.99 in the coming weeks. Microsoft is also rebranding the Surface Mouse and plans to release the same for $49.99 as Modern Mouse– which won’t be similar to the new and compact Surface Arc mouse that was released alongside the Surface Laptop earlier last month.

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