Elon Musk, Tesla

Elon Musk is one of the most well covered industrialists of our times. Part of this is because of the kind of ventures he is involved with, and part of it is because of how he is a master of teasing the most exciting stuff at the right times. At the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver, Elon Musk talked about his aspirations for the future of car travel, but he also took the time to talk about some of his other projects.

For instance, Musk went into further details regarding his plans for setting up new Gigafactories. We already know that Tesla is planning to set up some more of its gargantuan factories, however, apart from the one already in Nevada, scant details are available. Speaking at the Ted conference, Musk said that his company will likely announce four new global Gigafactory locations sometime this year.

Apart from the Gigafactory announcement, Musk also talked Tesla’s upcoming electric semi-truck.  We actually even got a look at the truck — well, kind of! — when he showed off a picture with the truck hidden in shadows. Check it out:

It looks pretty much like your regular semi except that the design is kind of more smooth. And of course, the headlights are way cooler and even resemble the ones on Tesla cars. This was to be expected considering that there is a strong likelihood that at lease some of the same people who worked on the cars, also worked on this semi.

Musk also called the vehicle “spry” adding that it can be handled rather like a sports car. He also said that it will be able to outperform the regular trucks without any problems. Considering the technology Musk’s companies have been bringing to bear of late, we can well believe that claim although, designing a machine to generate all that power out of electric motors might have been a bit of a challenge.

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