GitHub is a preferred code development platform for developers, though lacks tools when it comes to building games. To pull in Unity game developers towards the service to write and collaborate on code, GitHub announced a new plugin. The latest extension, GitHub for Unity, will allow users to integrate Git and GitHub into their workflow, directly into the Unity Editor.

The extension will be initially available in alpha in the coming weeks (meaning it could have a full load of bugs and repetitive crashing is a possibility). With the extension, game developers will be able to configure, collaborate, and manage their Git project in a dedicated window and will include Git LFS v2.0 support. The extension will aid in stocking large binary assets and introducing file locking. This will help developers interact with their team and lead to easy file merges.

Revealing the Unity extension support, GitHub’s official blog noted,

The GitHub for Unity extension is a first step towards unifying the GitHub and Unity workflows, and we’d love to hear your feedback to help guide us in the right direction. Watch for an alpha release over the next few weeks. We’ll be making the project open source and publishing the extension in the Unity asset store soon after.

Moreover, Unity Technologies showed off a glimpse for Unity 2017, earlier this week. The new gaming engine is scheduled to launch sometime in April and has caught everyone’s attention since its announcement.

Apart from it, the project hosting platform, recently introduced a new feature to help developers find project repositories similar to the one they’re looking for. The feature named as ‘Topics’ classifies repositories based on common subjects, related to the project and topics that interest an user. The categories for classification include technology, project-type, language, community, and other subjects defined by the repository admin. The platform has been rolling out updates for enhancing the service since the launch of GitHub Enterprise 2.5.

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