Most prominent Internet messaging services have already moved on to integrate voice and video calling features into their platforms. However, when your USP is having next level encryption, these sort of things tend to take a backseat. Well, months after the features were introduced to WhatsApp, Signal is finally testing voice and video calling on its platform.

A brand new, beta version of the Signal application has voice and video calling enabled on its platform. Users who sign up for the beta version of the application can test both the features with other birds of the feather — in this case, other users who install the beta app. While the features seem to be limited to Android for now, Signal’s release notes point towards an impending iOS release as well.

In case you are unaware of it, Signal is run by Open Whisper System. The group is a not for profit organization that developed and deployed the Signal Protocol cryptography to create the encrypted application.

The new features are visible and can be activated from within Signal’s settings screen. Once here, you can chose to turn “Signal messages and calls” and “Video calling beta” modes on and off. Assuming that users A and B have both turned their settings to on, voice and video calls between the two can take place.

Adding these features will help the app compete with other Internet messaging services in the spectrum. Whether it is Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp — all of them have had the features enabled for quite some time.

While Signal’s USP is its encryption, it is not solely used by whistle-blowers and spies. Rather, the app is focused towards users who are more conscious about the security of the data the transmit than your average users. Considering all this, it is a given that its adoption rate is going to be somewhat lower than that of its compatriots — at least until more users become aware of the prevailing security threats.

With that said, adding features like voice and video search, will help Signal move into the mainstream and garner more users.

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