And Google is now a tailor as well. Just when you think that the company may finally be running out of things to surprise you with, Google pulls some other, totally out-of-the-box thing out of its box. The company today announced a brand new application that will be able to leverage data associated with your daily activities and lifestyle, to suggest the perfect dress for you. Yes, it is a dress and is notbook recommendation we are talking about.

At its I/O developer conference last year, Google announced an awareness API that could retrieve data and make sense of where you wre, what you were doing and so on and so forth. These APIs were expected to unlock a new world od possibilities — although Google was pretty scarce with what exactly it was planning to do with the new awareness API. Well, now we know. Among other things, the company will use the APIs to improve your fashion sense.

Google has collaborated with H&M’s digital fashion house Ivyrevel. Together, the twosome have embarked upon on a project called the “Coded Couture” (Yeah, welcome to the future!) that will soon have its own application. Through the Coded Couture application, users can get their own customized, tailored-for-them dress. Of course, as a perquisite, they will have to consent to having their activity and lifestyle data monitored by the Awareness API.

And the best thing? You can even buy that dress from within the app. Yaay!

Meanwhile, don’t expect the app to come up with a magical dress that makes you look like Tom Cruise. The app will basically use the Snapshot API to monitor stuff like your daily activity, places you travel to, places you hang out and eat at, the weather around your area and so on. So what I am trying to convey here is that while the app could come up with a loose approximation of a dress that you might just like to wear, do not expect any magic to take place.

The information collection phase lasts for about a week, before you get suggestions for a dress. Meanwhile, you can also chose if you want a dress for work or for parties or for formal events or so on. While one of the lesser significant uses of the promising Awareness API, the app could induce some folks to splurge on new dresses.

Google, come on! Surely there are some better uses that the code behind the Awareness API can be put to rather than designing and selling dresses to the masses. Meanwhile, the app is currently in closed beta and is expected to launch later this year. If you are really really desperate to have lines of code clothe you, you can sign up to join a trial period that will give you early access to the app.

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