The largest developer fiesta of the year, Google I/O 2017, now has an official date and location. This year’s developer conference will again be held in the backyard of Mountain View’s headquarters, at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It will be a three-day event, running from 17th to 19th May in the open space with big high-mounted tents.

To take the wraps off this information, Google decided to take a rather untraditional route this year. The company tweeted out a cryptic link with a puzzle on its developer as well as Firebase accounts. This was initially spotted by 9to5Google, who is now also confirming the dates of the event. This link posted on Twitter redirected the users to a save-the-date website, which further included a Github page link. The Github account contained five puzzles, which when put together, lifted the veil of the details.

The cryptic puzzle contained coordinates and a chess board. It is said to have been solved on a Discord channel that was dedicated for the task. This is the second time Google is holding the infamous I/O developer conference in Mountain View. It was only the previous year that the tech behemoth decided to shift the location to its own home grounds. And what could be better than being at Google I/O and exploring shipyards for product updates.

It has also been discovered that Google has already put out its new Google I/O 2017 website. But there is currently no information about the conference on the site as of now. The I/O 2016 website, on the other hand, is showing a timer which is currently ticking at nearly 10 hours. This could possibly be the scheduled time for the new I/O 2017 website to go live on the interwebs. We will be on the lookout for more info and update you accordingly.

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