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OneNote’s user base has been growing rapidly since the Redmond giant launched the note-taking app for Mac for free in March 2014 and then made the Windows version completely free last February. The company had also released a tool that allows Evernote users to transfer their pages to OneNote this March. Back then the company had promised a Mac release for the tool and true to its word, the tech giant has launched just the tool today.

According to the Redmond giant, since the launch of the tool this March, Windows users have brought 71 million pages from Evernote to OneNote. That’s an astounding number achieved in a matter of five short months. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn’t saying anything about how many actual users transferred these pages.

Now, the same app is available for Mac users who have their hearts and souls stored on Evernote. The OneNote Importer tool is now available for download. You just need to have a Mac with OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan).

Microsoft says that once the notes have been imported to OneNote, they will automatically sync across all your devices, including PC, iOS and Android, as well as web browsers. And what’s more, all this is at your disposal at no cost at all.

The notes are copied faster if you have the Evernote client for Mac installed on your system. Next, you just have to sign in to your account and visit and then click Download the Importer. After the download is complete, install the file and follow the instructions. Then select the Evernote notebooks that you want to import into OneNote and select the Microsoft Account (Hotmail, Live or that you want to use with OneNote. You can even use an account allotted to you by your school or work.

Just click on the Import button and wait for the copying to finish. And voila, your notes will be copied to the most eligible note-taking app in the market!

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