Pokemon Go, the AR-ready game is all the rage nowadays. But, a recent update that introduced a heck lot of changes to the game, including UI and design overhauls, battle algorithm changes and avatar customizations, has also left out an unknown bug that is frustrating a lot of daily players.

Pokemon Go users were excited to download and enjoy the new update but just a couple days later, they noticed that it has actually become very-very hard to catch any Pokemon. Even the weakest of those pocket monsters, with CP as low as 35, were now able to escape from inside your Pokeball! In addition to this, you could also notice that they now dodged and hopped more of the Pokeballs that you threw at them.

But what was even more frustrating is that even after spending a good 10 Pokeballs(yes! TEN) and a raspberry, there was high probability that the Pokemon would bust out of the Pokeball and vanish or run away instantly. And even if, by any chance, you actually manage to catch that pocket monster, you wouldn’t receive the XP bonus that helps you level up.

But, it now seems that game developer Niantic is aware of the problem and is actively working on the fix. The company acknowledged the same in a tweet:

Niantic has offered no word on when the fix for the same is expected to arrive, but we are hoping that it should be very soon. The company, in a lengthy blogpost said that it has also removed the ‘three-step’ tracking feature — that allowed you to gauge how close the Pokemon are — from the nearby tracker and now you cannot even select a Pokemon to focus on. Due to the same, it has also cracked down on third-party trackers and shut them down. It cites that the load and insistent requests had introduced a bug into the nearby feature as it got stuck at ‘three step’ and wouldn’t reduce even if the Pokemon was right by your side.

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