Businesses are increasingly switching to cloud to store data and perform complicated algorithmic and automation tasks. Thus cloud security for such enterprises becomes quintessential. Realising that, former McAfee India MD Anand Prahlad with his co founder founded Parablu to provide cloud security solutions to enterprises.

The startup has today garnered a 3.4 crore seed round from Kalaari Capital. The VC firm has invested under its KStart program, wherein it is doing rapid fire seed investments in early stage startups. Parablu is the fourth one under that program within just 5 months of the launch of the Kstart program.

The startup provides enterprises with secured cloud solution, which includes solutions to store data securely, share files or a secured cloud gateway.

Parablu currently offers four different cloud security solution depending on a specific enterprise’s needs. These solutions are its flagship Blukrypt — provides a secured cloud gateway, BlueSync — for secured file transfers and two versions of its Bluevault solution. BlueVault is a secured backup solution for cloud, offered for both servers as well endpoints.

Co-founder and president Prahlad, talking about Parablu, says,

ParaBlu was founded with the singular vision of being the security vendor of choice for all enterprise data outside the firewall.

Coming back to Parablu’s offerings, BluKrypt is an on-premise cloud access security broker (CASB) and acts as a secure cloud gateway that allows enterprises to fully manage their security policy enforcement irrespective of where their digital assets are stored – public cloud, private cloud or in local data stores.

BlueSync, which provides secured file sharing environment on the cloud, is a hybrid file sharing and collaboration application for the agile enterprise – with world class security and privacy. And while most of BlueSync’s features are available with other providers, what — according to my personal observation — gives Parablu an edge are two features in particular.

One of them is the ability to create something called ‘Mini-clouds’. These mini-clouds help businesses create cloud environment for their different teams and domains, under their own, one big cloud network.

Another interesting feature is no cloud storage restrictions. BluSync helps you overcome several limitations that file storage services in the cloud might impose. If you are a OneDrive for Business users, you’d have come across restrictions on filename, path size and special character limitations. BlueSync takes away all those limitations, and hence has an edge over OneDrive, Dropbox among others.

Last, but not the least is BlueVault — a secured file storage solution on the cloud. The solution comes in two different versions — for endpoints and the newly launched solution for servers. BluVault for Servers can backup files and databases from Linux and Windows servers. Snapshot based backups ensure that the files in use can also be backed up.

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