Ambrane, the consumer electronics startup based out India, has launched another power bank in the Indian market – Ambrane P-1511. Previously, the company had launched P-1311, P1001 and P1111 models in its line-up of power banks.

With this power bank, the company aims to help those who are always on the go and whose biggest concern regarding the device is the battery drainage.

Designed to fulfill the necessity of the portable charger for smart devices, the power bank comes with a battery capacity of 15,600mAh. The power bank has a leather finished design, making it modish to allure the customers.


The bar-shaped power bank comes with a premium look and feel, thanks to the flaxen golden colour. However, it also comes in black colour. There are two output ports at the top of the power bank, along with one input port and an LED which can be used as a torch.

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On the right side, there is a button, which once pressed, glows the LEDs for indication of battery status. It is also used to turn the torch ON and OFF. At the front face of the power bank, there are four small LEDs which serves as indicators, indicating the status of the battery and the current charging status.


It uses uses state-of-the-art chipset which not only ensures safety of your devices, but also improves the charging time of the device. There is also a reset mechanism introduced in the power bank along with protection from short circuit and over voltage. It monitors output current and shuts off the current flow when the maximum limit is reached.

Like its every other power bank, the P1511 also comes with dual output ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. While one port supports 1.5 A output, the other port supports 2.1 A output, ensuring fast charging of your devices.

The 15,600mAh capacity power bank can be used with any of your device which can be charged or powered using USB cable. To ensure power bank’s reliability, the P-1511 has been fabricated with Li-ion cells.

As per the company, using this power bank, you can fully charge iPhone 5 for around 6 times, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for 3 times, iPhone 6 for 4 times or Moto G2 for 5 times, which seems impressive.

The Ambrane P-1511 power bank measures 160 x 70 x 20 mm and weights 315 grams. Available for a price of around Rs. 1,399, it is a great value for money product.

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