Lookup, the popular hyperlocal messaging app which lets you get things from businesses in your locality through the power of IM, is now expanding in Pune. The app, which wants to be an “offline Google” of sorts, is already operational in Mumbai, Delhi And Bengaluru.

For those of you who are unaware of this BizStone-backed app, here’s a brief.

Lookup is a free app for both consumers and businesses. It is basically a way to find availability of a product or the requisite information, instantly and without moving around.

We plan to integrate all the offline businesses into the online world and connect them to their customers. We aim to be the one stop app that satiates all the needs of our customers. The final goal is to make Lookup a global phenomenon and hope to ease the busy lives of the people,

Founder and CEO Deepak had said earlier in an interview with The Tech Portal.

Lookup claims to have a staggering registered user base to the north of 1 million, with over 800,000 users on Android in about 9 months since its inception. It claims to have over 250,000 monthly active users across 70,000 merchants on the platform, with a daily activity of 55-60,000 users.

Deepak further says,

I am very excited about this development since Pune is a land of a multitude of miscellaneous businesses that we would love to tap into and expand our merchant base. And Lookup’s launch in Pune is a step towards that goal!

It has indeed been an interesting run for the hyperlocal messaging app so far. Apart from that obvious backing from Twitter co-founder BizStone, the startup has rapidly made partnerships and tie-ups to help local sellers get found on the online map, along with enabling faster deliveries.

Lookup’s partnership with last mile delivery app Roadrunnr (which itself is in news today for its new Mailbox service) is one such example wherein offline retailers listed on Lookup can also deliver their products to customers. Users in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi can order anything from their local stores ranging from food, groceries, medicines, electronics and much more.  The link for tracking the delivery will also be sent in chat.


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