The company that literally brought smartwatches to a general device category, has today deviated from its norm and brought in a new product. Pebble has, for the first time, introduced a round-faced smartwatch after years of sticking to its traditional square display. The new wrist device is called the Pebble Time Round and will be available starting at $249.

The watch will be available in a few different styles. You can choose from a leather band of different colours or a metal band in gold or black. The metal band version will cost you $50 extra, though. The bezel of the device will vary slightly depending on what variant of the Pebble Time Round you’ve chosen.

There are a few other things that you need to know about Pebble’s newest masterpiece. One thing is that this watch is very slim and light — in fact slimmer and lighter than most of Pebble’s other devices. And even though there’s a change in this sector, the Round lives up to its other siblings in terms of build quality. The only con to this watch, when compared to the others from Pebble, is its battery life.

To make the smartwatch lighter and slimmer, Pebble had to sacrifice a fair bit of its signature battery life. The company’s device battery lives average at around 5 to 6 days, at least. But the new Round will only give you 2 days tops. To make up for that, the Round supports super-fast charging that lets you add 24 hours of juice with just 15 minutes on the charger.

You can pre-order the Pebble Time Round starting today. Shipments are expected to start sometime in November. An Amazon product page states that they are aiming for the 10th of November for global shipment.

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