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The first press shot of HTC Desire 820 has been leaked just few days before its official launch. The blue variant of this device is leaked and the look is disappointing

Well, unarguably touted as a firm android answer to Apple’s 64 bit architecture, the first look of HTC’s desire 820 seemed disappointing. We were expecting a new, refreshing design change from HTC, which unfortunately did not happen. You can easily co-relate it to the HTC’s previous, Desire 816.

As for the specifications, it will sport a 5.5 inch 720p display with a battery of 2600 mAh and a 13MP rear camera combined with 2GB RAM but the smartphones main selling point will be the 64-bit processor.

This leak basically does not show which processor the Taiwanese giant will use but a little bit of deduction says that it will use Qualcomm Snapdrgon 615 – it has eight Cortex-A53 cores (the 64-bit replacement of the Cortex-A7) and a next-gen Adreno 405 GPU.


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