New changes are coming to Google search, and this time, the company is adding new tools in its arsenal to combat misinformation and prevent it from causing too much of mischief. It is already taking steps to make the experience of Google Search a safer one, and now, it is bringing a label for “highly cited sources” in Search results.

With this label, one can easily identify stories that have been frequently cited by other news organizations. The label, Google said, will appear on Top Stories, and you will be able to find it on anything – ranging from an investigative article to interviews, announcements, or press releases. You can see the label as long as other publishers indicate its relevance by linking to it.

Get ready to see this on smartphones in the US soon, with the rest of the world receiving it in the coming weeks. The Feature has potential for evaluation of original reporting as well, something Google is looking into so that it is easier for you and me to discover and engage with publishers and journalists with original works.

If you are still confused as to how it works, Google has an example in the form of a local news organization, which broke an investigative story that is looking into problems at your local school district. The story gets a wide reach as it is picked up by multiple media outlets, but you being a local resident are unable to view the original story. Google is mending that with its label.

The “highly cited” label is just one of the several updates Google announced today as it looks to combat dangerously high misinformation across its search platforms. Starting today in English searches in the US, Google’s notices on breaking news or trending topics will come with tips that will help users evaluate information online – something that is sorely needed given that we are bombarded with information from a varied range of sources.

Additionally, these tips will remind users to check the authenticity of the source on some topic or come back later when more information on the topic is available. Also, it is bringing fact checks from independent fact-checking organizations on topics that may be disputed. About this Result is also coming to users, which lets you check the source of some news.