Tesla has never been a company that is known for being content. The Elon Musk led company has always strived for excellence and in new news, the company is bringing about two major changes to welcome 2020.

For starters, Tesla’s new Shanghai based gigafactory is all set to roll out China made Model 3 cars to the market, as soon as next week.

And to sweeten the deal further, the cars might be streaming ‘The Mandalorian’ in some time as Tesla is planning to add ‘Disney+’ to its vehicles ‘soon’.

Tesla’s China built Model 3 cars:

Tesla just recently funded $1.4 billion in expansion of its Shanghai based gigafactory. Construction of the gigafactory started just earlier this year and has been going at an incredible pace. And now the facility is all ready to be sending out Model 3 cars next week. Cars built in this facility will be cheaper, since the company wouldn’t have to pay a 10% tax that the Chinese government levies on foreign built cars. The government will also provide a purchase incentive of as high as $3,600 which will drive the sales even higher.

Disney+ to be available in Tesla cars soon:

Tesla had already added streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube and Twitch to their cars. So the question on everyone’s mind was,’ When will Disney+ make the list?’ Well it looks like pretty soon. Elon Musk announced that Disney+ will be joining the list of streaming services available in Tesla cars.

All these applications came as a part of Tesla Theater, which was introduced in the V10 software update that went out in September via over-the-air-update, and added streaming media from Netflix and YouTube, as well as Tesla vehicle feature tutorials.

However, Tesla Theater can only be used in Parking mode and not in driving. But since all Tesla cars need to be charged and drivers can have to spend around 30 minutes at a charging booth before they are ready to go, the feature is much more practical than non-Tesla users think it might be.