According to multiple local media reports coming out of China (via Reuters), Samsung’s China subsidiaries has been asked to pay Huawei a sum of 80 Million Yuan ($11.6Mn) in an ongoing patent dispute in the country.

The sum has been ordered by the Quanzhou Intermediary Court, and the same has been asked to be paid by multiple Samsung units operating within China. These include three manufacturing units, including Samsung China Investment Limited.

According to Huawei, the South Korean consumer electronics giant had infringed upon several of its smartphone patents, held by its handset devices unit Huawei Device Co. Limited. Huawei had lodged these patent infringement lawsuits in China as well as in the US. However, the China verdict is the first one to come out among all those suits.

The Quanzhou Evening News report further states, that apart from suing multiple Samsung units, Huawei has also sued a few of local Chinese electronic manufacturers who produced smartphones for the South Korean company, for infringing upon its patents while designing smartphones and tablets. The company has alleged Samsung for infringing on close to 20 different kinds of designs of smartphones and tablets.

The report further says that Huawei is seeking compensation for over 30Mn devices that Samsung has sold — most notably under its Galaxy S lineup — the worth of these shipments going somewhere in the vicinity of $13Billion.

We’ve contacted Samsung for the same, and at the time of publishing of this story, there was no response. We’ll update the story once we receive a response.

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