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Continuing forward with its commitment of coming up with innovative and trend setting technologies, Data XGen has announced that it will now provide e-mail IDs in Chinese and Arabic languages.

Speaking on the topic, Data XGen Technologies CEO Ajay Data said:

After successful launch of email id in Russian script, we are ready to offer technology for email id in Chinese in March and Arabic languages in May this year.

Mr. Data has been a staunch supporter of inclusiveness for the Internet. In a previous interview with the TechPortal, he had talked about the concept of a global village. This latest move by his company, is another big step in the same direction and it is refreshing to see a company attempting to pull old barriers down, rather than set new ones up.

As per Mr. Data:

We are entering into Chinese and Middle East countries to enable billions of non-English people to join the worldwide Internet by simply removing the language barrier.

This is not the first time that the company is providing such technologies. In December, Data XGen partnered up with Russian firm Webnames Ltd, wherein the latter was enabled to use the former’s technology to  provide domains and e-mail address in Russian script.

Data XGen has also launched a new voice-based social media messaging feature called DataRadio, that enables people to send messages to their followers the fear of being trolled or spammed. This is important, considering that online abuse is one of the most important factors keeping people from interacting with others socially.

DataRadio is the fully Made in India and unique social media solution integrated with email. Now Bollywood, sports or any celebrity, and individuals can communicate with their fans and followers without worrying about their identify theft, trolling and abuse.

Data XGen has been setting itself up as a path setter and has been bringing disruption to the e-mail industry for quite some time. Previously, the company launched some of the first ever e-mail IDs in Indian language scripts, including Devnagari, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. IDs in these languages have the .Bharat domain. Users can also get free e-mail addresses in Hindi script by visiting Data XGen’s mobile application Datamail.

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