Galaxy S8

Okay fellows, so yesterday was exciting as well as disappointing for Samsung fans. The company did launch a couple of pretty cool tablets including the Galaxy Book and the Tab S3, however, folks waiting for a glimpse of the Galaxy S8 smartphone had to make do with an announcement that the device will be revealed on the 29th of March. Well, never fear, a couple of pretty convincing videos and pictures have surfaced claiming that a brand new Galaxy S8 smartphone is their main protagonist.

The videos and pictures come from Slashleaks.

Here is a video that shows a person typing away on the S8.

And here is another:

Both the videos are pretty short and the back is all covered up and what we can see of the camera, looked pretty uninspiring to me. But then, that may have been due to the cover.

If this is indeed the S8 device, then Samsung would appear to have decided to stick to the tried and tested design sported by most of its flagship rather than trying something entirely out of the box. The devices sport minimum bezel and it seems like we can spot curved screen as well.

While it would be hard to comment on the reliability of the video just yet, leaks are to be expected now that we are just one month away from the launch date.

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