Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive, Horizon Zero Dawn, will be arriving in the states on February 28 and in Europe the very next day. Now, anyone who pre-ordered the game digitally can preload the action-RPG immediately.

And according to GearNuke, the file size is at a standard 39.485 GB.

All those who preorder a digital copy of Horizon Zero Dawn from the PlayStation Store will be liable to receive a dynamic theme for the game and the Nora Machine-Trapper Pack. This pack includes certain weapon mods that increase the accuracy and damage of weapons such as the bow in particular, along with loads of crafting resources.

Horizon Zero Dawn will unlock in North America tomorrow morning at 9 AM, which comes out to midnight Eastern. It’s not been made immediately clear about when exactly the game will become available for other regions.

Reviews for Guerilla’s epic started to show up last week as certain reviewers were given their review copies on time. The game then went on to receive a lot of praise, from the likes of IGN, Gamespot, etc. Safe to say, the game seems to be one that’ll live up to all the hype it had been surrounded it the whole past year ever since its E3 reveal.

Just earlier this month, Sony talked about how Horizon Zero Dawn has the genuine potential to become a new flagship franchise for the company. A consequent report from SuperData said the game could end up selling as many as 6 million copies towards the end of 2017 and further up to 8 million for its lifetime, bringing it marginally closer to Uncharted 4. This would actually be a particularly notable achievement, as Horizon Zero Dawn is a freshly brewed franchise.

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