Today, most of the individuals aren’t able to enjoy the cohort of games released every year due to the lack of a proper a gaming rig with juiced up graphics. Nvidia wants to bring potential gamers on board with the extension of its cloud game streaming service, Nvidia GeForce Now to PCs and Macs. This service will enable gamers to readily play a collection of previously inaccessible games.

For those unaware of the GeForce Now service, Nvidia has been providing gamers who’re willing to play graphic intensive games a chance to rent out servers to seamlessly stream these games online. It had previously been providing the GeForce Now service to Shield users, who can use them to load their games and enjoy basking in the glory of their wins in the cloud. The said service was available on the Shield device for just $7.99 a month.

Speaking on the launch of the service, Jen-Hsun Huang, founder and chief executive officer of Nvidia, said,

There are more than 200 million GeForce gamers around the world today, yet hundreds of millions of others have computers that aren’t well-suited for modern video games. With GeForce NOW, a new generation of gamers can now play the latest PC games with great performance and amazing quality.

The potential gamers who’re interested should know that you do not require any additional streaming app or device that’ll connect to your PC or Mac. You are just required to open a digital distribution platform like Steam, Origin or UPlay among others to purchase the game and then run the game on Nvidia’s servers through the said GeForce Now service. This provides you with a simple way to access high-end gaming rigs to deliver a high-performance PC experience.

This game streaming service, which was built by a team of engineers who found a nifty way to reduce latency and make it run faster, can be seen a boon for PC gamers. They previously had to rely on game consoles (which their friends’ owned) or play old supported games on their PCs. But using GeForce Now could also be difficult for them as offloading a game to the cloud will be cost them a hefty $25 for 20 hours, i.e charged after some free hours depending on the graphics processor you choose.

Yes, Nvidia has decided to provide GeForce Now to PC and Mac gamers in the form of an hourly rental service, that doesn’t include the cost of the games. To play video games through this service, you’ll first need to download and install a small client which will make its debut this March.

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