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Freshdesk acquires data integration platform Pipemonk to further strengthen its suite of products

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Freshdesk, one of the leading provider of cloud-based customer engagement software, has today announced the acquisition of Pipemonk. This acquisition marks Freshdesk’s seventh in the last 16 months and is a part of the overall strategy to create an ecosystem of interlinked Freshdesk and third-party products for businesses.

Pipemonk is a data integration platform that allows companies to synchronize and move data amongst multiple cloud apps quickly and easily. The company’s technology makes it very simple to deeply integrate any two SaaS products. Using their platform, companies can integrate their business apps in a matter of minutes. Satya Padmanabham, Co-founder of Pipemonk, said,

Integration software has been traditionally complex, requiring a long on- boarding process and requiring many engineering hours to have it done well. It can also prove to be very expensive. With the Pipemonk platform, we made it possible for even non-engineers to configure and run an integration in a matter of minutes. That’s how simple and efficient we’ve made the entire process.

At Freshdesk, the Pipemonk team will work on strengthening the integrations between Freshdesk’s suite of products as well as expand third party integrations for each of them, thus cutting down the need for multiple logins, multiple amounts of data entry, and allowing instant and seamless access to dynamic data across products.

Girish Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO of Freshdesk, said,

The Pipemonk team will enhance Freshdesk’s capabilities to integrate within our own products as well as external products. Having your apps talk to each other and enabling seamless flow of data plays an important role in any business today, and we at Freshdesk are focused on making that workflow process simple for our customers.

In the coming months, the team of 13 will focus on making existing integrations more robust as well as growing the options available to customers. Founded in 2014, Pipemonk is a Cloud Data Integration platform which enables small businesses to automate their data flow across cloud business solutions.

It integrates multiple SaaS applications like e-commerce, accounting, CRM, marketing, helpdesk & automate data transfer between them in minutes. The company was founded by Satya Padmanabham and Ravi Madabhushi and had raised $2.1 million in funding from Helion and Orios Venture Partners. The platform claims to be serving more than 400 clients across the world.

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