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As I’ve repeatedly said before, Google is aggressively working to upgrade the user experience of the Play Store for the past couple of months. Today, adding to the list of improvements, the Play Store is currently testing a new ‘Feature Ratings’ system for gaming reviews, reports Android Police.

With the introduction of this change in the rating system, Google is looking to cluster the oh-so scattered reviews of any Android game and displaying rating circles in an exclusive section. The feature has only been rolled out to a handful of users, who report that the Play Store has been updated to display separate ratings for a game’s controls, gameplay, and graphics. These circle ratings will appear below the bar ratings, followed by the usual review highlight section.

The usual average ratings shown using the bar graph isn’t enough when talking about games, which require the user to keep track of a cohort of controls while traversing through the storyline. One also needs info about the gameplay experience and the graphics, which are the most important tidbits one needs to know about the same. Thus, Google has made changes to the review section to enable the user to input details for the said circular ratings.


In addition to the usual rating process for apps which includes adding a 5-star rating and text review, the section now includes 5-star rating options for the controls, gameplay, and graphics, separately. You’ll need to scroll through the gallery-like review section to assign ratings for each of the aforementioned options.

This nifty addition follows in the footsteps of numerous features introductions including a completely new color theme, improved app cards, search results and the top charts section . Google has recently also added another payment option to ease the app purchase process for Indian Android users — netbanking.

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