Facebook announced on Monday that its standalone photo sharing app, Moments has hit the 400 million photos shared milestone. The company announced that it has launched the ability to share videos through Moments, too.

With its inception just over eight months ago, Moments was initially just a supportive app for the Facebook client for smartphones. It brought in additional features like syncing pics from your friends’ albums in which you are present using face recognition, private sharing and many other photo-centric features. While growth rate was slow in the beginning, Facebook then opened the dam a few months ago when the company announced that it would no longer support photo sync. Users who wanted to keep their photographs in check had to opt in for Moments.

This had a highly positive effect on Moments’ popularity. The company says that out of the 400 million photos that have been shared on the platform, 100 million of them rushed in completely in the past month.

The app, while it may remind you of Twitter or Instagram was built by the social giant’s Creative LabsIt uses the same technology that Facebook’s tag suggestions use in order to group your photos based on the friends who are in them. These pics can then be shared privately or displayed on your Timeline.

The next big announcement about Moments is that it will now support video sharing too. A new update was released in most markets just yesterday that brings in the ability for you to select, upload, share and tag videos now. The updated app is now available for iOS and Android.


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