Sony is back to crowdfunding (not because of how “well” its smartphones/electronics businesses are doing, or may be ?). First Flight, Sony’s very own crowdfunding platform in Japan, now has a new WENA smartwatch, manufactured by Sony for a more premium bracket of customers.

WENA, which stands for ‘Wear Electronics NAturally’, is a rather traditional looking timepiece, meant specifically for corporates and premium watch owners. Everything from the dial, to the all-metal strap gives you the feel of a traditional, luxury timepiece, fitted with smart wearable tech from Sony.

The WENA’s focus is primarily towards three main features — an NFC wallet compatible with the Japanese Felica standard; notifications through vibration and a customizable LED light on the band; and activity tracking, which is pretty much similar to how its done on iOS.


There are two models on offer, a “Chronograph” model and a rather awkwardly named “Three Hands” model.

The Chronograph one, as the name suggests, is more towards a traditional chronograph timepiece, with three separate hands and dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. The “Three Hands” model just has a regular watch face. Both models measure 42mm in across direction; the Three Hands watch itself is expected to run for three years, while Chronograph should last for five.

However, the band needs to be charged every week.

Interestingly, this is the second time that Sony has launched a smartwatch on its own crowdfunding platform, rather than going for a more glitzy, big-ticket launch. Sony had earlier launched an impressive e-ink based smartwatch, which had garnered a generous sum at the launch itself.

The WENA Wrist is expected to ship in March and April next year. Prices range from ¥34,800 ($287) for a silver Three Hands model up to ¥69,800 ($576) for the Chronograph in black.


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