In a rather surprising revelation, a New York Post report states, that Apple had reportedly threatened Tidal with a staggering $20 Million lawsuit, if a Drake appearance video streamed live on the latter’s platform. Wondering what actually happened ? Let’s get down to the details.

Tidal was set up to stream Lil Wayne’s Lil Weezyana Festival in New Orleans Friday night. However, Drake made a surprised appearance towards the end of Lil Wayne’s festival, thus starting a huge complication.

So what’s the complication when one music star appears on the concerned of another one you ask ? Well, if both of them have been endorsing rival music streaming service, the complications go as high as a $20 Million lawsuit.

Drake, as you may remember, was a key speaker at Apple’s Apple Music launch. He was among a few speakers who explained Apple Music, Beats 1 and other features in great detail. Reports say Apple has an exclusive arrangement with him and meanwhile Lil Wayne, owns part of Tidal — so yeah, right there — the complication.

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Drake performed three songs at the festival, according to a report in Pitchfork. Video of the short set later surfaced online. Apple obviously hasn’t spoken about this incident, yet.

However, what’s interesting to note though, is the seriousness of these exclusive artist agreements. Seriousness to the extent, that one of the music streaming services went ahead to the extent of suing the other, just because two fellow artists performed on the same stage.

This definitely will turn out to be interesting. I’m eager to see artist’s reactions on the same. Stay tuned.

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