The world’s largest professional networking website, LinkedIn has announced its acquisition of Fliptop, a leading provider of predictive sales and marketing software. The company says that Fliptop will be brought into the firm to help boost development on its Sales Solutions offering. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

LinkedIn believes that Fliptop will not only help “accelerate the company’s Sales Solutions roadmap” and make Sales Navigator even more effective, it will also, in the near future, help LinkedIn achieve their long term goal of creating the most effective B2B sales and marketing platform.

LinkedIn will not be investing more in existing Fliptop offerings though. Instead, the social giant will import all of Fliptop’s existing technology and talent to make LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions sky rocket.

The integration of the tech and personnel, the company says, could take several months but its worth the wait as the overall results will be an effective sales agenda.


Founded in 2009, Fliptop is a fairly popular company when it comes to providing sales and marketing solutions. The company was founded by Doug Camplejohn and Dan Chiao and initially aimed to provide businesses with applications that would help close more sales through the use of data science and predictive analytics.

The company has also been greatly funded by angel investors and venture capitalists alike, raising a capital of $8.5 million from firms like Western Technology Investment, Raptor Ventures, Data Collective, and Longworth Venture Partners.

The company had also acquired two other related firms along the way: Qwerly in November 2011 and Inbound Score in April 2013.

Apparently, the whole Fliptop team is supposed to relocate from their San Francisco, Calif. office to LinkedIn’s office just down the street.

In a blog post announcing the acquisition, Doug Camplejohn, CEO and co-founder of Fliptop writes:

We will continue to support our customers with existing contracts for some period of time, but have decided not to take on any new ones. We will also be reaching out to our customers shortly to discuss winding down their existing relationship with Fliptop. 

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