Microsoft’s ARM-based operating system is apparently getting an update soon. Microsoft recently updated its Windows 10 FAQ to answer one question. “Will there be an update to Windows RT?” This operating system was introduced by Microsoft to power its two Surface tablets and a few other ARM based devices.

Microsoft’s aim in that was to show that ARM based hardware was the company’s future but the problem they faced was that this hardware was under-powered and not as affordable as expected. Moreover legacy apps could not be run on the systems based on this architecture.

Because of this, we don’t expect RT to get a complete Windows 10 like update. Instead we believe that the software will get a few new features as well as performance based improvements and user interface enhancements.

Edge, Continuum and a better Store can be easily expected as a few of the newer features while Hello and Cortana require a bit more processing power than these devices can possibly deliver. So it wouldn’t be wrong in saying that we won’t be getting those two features. Apart from these, there won’t be any Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, HomeGroup creation (you can join an existing HomeGroup but you can’t create a new one). Also, you won’t have the ability to connect to your Windows RT 8.1 PC from another PC using Remote Desktop.

However, there are some added benefits to having a Windows RT 8.1 update on your pc. These include :

  • Windows Update and Windows Defender are always on and up-to-date, making your PC more secure.

  • BitLocker technology provides enhanced data protection to help keep your information more secure.

  • All Windows RT 8.1 PCs use InstantGo to turn on instantly and keep tiles and other online services up-to-date even when the screen is off (not all Windows 8.1 PCs have InstantGo).

  • Comes with Office 2013 RT, providing you with touch-optimized desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

Microsoft’s latest flagship operating system will be out in a month, on Wednesday 29th July and according to the Redmond giant, the Windows RT update “will follow soon”. So for those of you who were upset about the Windows 10 update for ARM devices being ruled out due to the many complexities, this is good new.


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