If you are into adventure games, then without a doubt, you will know about the amazing Shenmue series. If that’s true for you then there’s good news for you folks. The Kickstarter goal of $2 million set by Shenmue III’s makers to start the project has been achieved in less than 12 hours.

E3 this year has given us many pleasant surprises and this new development also came from it. The campaign for this new title went live yesterday during Sony’s PlayStation press conference. The Kickstarter website started to lag yesterday (The poor thing!) after the campaign was launched due to the amount of interest the crowd was showing.

If you are into the technicalities of things, you will know that the game was originally made for Sega’s Dreamcast in 1999, but Sony now owns the rights, which is a great thing for Sony and us (Especially us) as we get to play the games on the PlayStation.


There are still some 30 odd days left in the campaign and it surely seems likely to hit other goals, eventually letting you win other goodies like subtitles and a “Cinema Short” summary of the first two games, if you pool money into it.

To make things even better, the games’ creator, Yu Suzuki, came onstage at the press conference to say the game will be crowdfunded so that gamers will have more of a say in bringing the game to life.

The game still has a long time until final release for PC and PS which will be around December 2017 according to the makers, so there will be a lot of other developments coming soon.


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