There has been a great advancement in the apps available for various operating systems. However, not all of them have found their way into the official app stores due to security policies. That is when third-party apps came into play. AppEven is one such app installer which gives you a great lot of third-party apps and games. It can be installed on your iOS. 

You will discover a huge database of apps in AppEven. Now, all the apps that you waited to install on iOS are available within seconds. AppEven does not require jailbreaking your iDevice. In this article, we have given instructions to install AppEven on iOS for free.

Features of AppEven on iOS

AppEven is a must-have if you wish to get awesome apps and games from different platforms on iOS. Here are some of the features of AppEven.

  1. You can choose from a tremendous app library including tweaked and hacked apps.
  2. The apps can be downloaded at the highest speed compared to all other app stores.
  3. It has a simple and sleek user interface that gives easy access to the apps.
  4. It is completely safe and doesn’t require a jailbreak.
  5. You can access the contents directly without sign up.
  6. The app offers astonishing performance on all iOS devices.

There are a lot more features and apps that you can find on AppEven. It is the safest and best way to get third-party apps and games on iOS devices.

How to Install AppEven on iOS

AppEven offers you mods, tweaks and cracked apps, games, etc which gives you awesome features on iOS. Since it is a third-party app installer, you need to download it from a third source. Follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Safari Browser and move to the prescribed link. This will give you the official page of AppEven iOS.
  2. On the page that opens up, you have to click on Install button and the installation will begin.
  3. When AppEven is downloaded, you are required to take the device Settings.
  4. Scroll down and find the Profile & Device Management option. Open it.
  5. Now, select the AppEven profile and then click on Trust to turn on the option.

AppEven has been installed on iOS. You can open it and find a wide range of apps and games that cannot be found elsewhere. Enjoy the amazing user interface that allows you to access the apps faster.



  • Is AppEven available for Android?


Yes, AppEven is offered for Android as well. You can get a great pile of paid and tweaked apps for free using this awesome app store. It is a very user-friendly app.


  • Are all the apps free on AppEven?


Yes, of course. You can install hundreds of apps and games using AppEven on iOS. It does not ask for any subscription fee. You don’t even have to register in this app store.


  • Can the apps be downloaded safely from AppEven?
    AppEven is very safe to use. It does not interfere with the operating system and hence do not cause malfunctions to your iOS devices.
  • Can you get AppEven on PC?


Yes, AppEven is available for PC. This lets you enjoy the features on your smartphones in PC as well. You can install all your favorite apps on PC for free using AppEven.


  • Do the apps crash on downloading from AppEven?


No, AppEven is completely safe for your iOS device and offers a user-friendly interface. It is free of errors and hence there is no chance of app crashing.

Conclusion- AppEven is the best app installer for iOS

AppEven gives you everything that the Apple app store doesn’t. This way, you won’t miss out on any of your favorite apps and games. There is a lot of apps to explore on iOS using AppEven. You can enjoy your iDevices without limits by downloading AppEven on iOS.