Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Twitter is quite probably the biggest forum on the Internet, and counts itself among the biggest social media companies around the world. Thus, it’s quite rare that it has to rely on other platforms for a boost. However, its performance in India has not been quite remarkable, and with only a fraction of MAUs that apps like Facebook have in the country, it can sure use some help. That is why it has partnered with DailyHunt, a vernacular Indian social media platform, to bring ‘Moments’ to India in an attempt to capture a bigger chunk of the second largest internet market in the world.

Moments are curated sets of Tweets about a particular topic, and have been functional in USA for quite a long time now. This is the first time that the feature is making its way out of the company’s home market, and a market as big as India which is ripe for the taking can be the perfect place to start.

DailyHunt claims to reach up to 285 million users a day, and thus, is well suited for Twitter to run a ‘marketing campaign’  of sorts using the Moments feature. ‘Twitter Moments India’ will now appear in the DailyHunt app as a dedicated tab, where users will be able to see a series of tweets pertaining to single topic. Twitter hopes to increase engagement in the country by allowing users to keep an eye on current events.

In fact, Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director of Twitter India, said in a statement, “At Twitter, we are committed to doing what we can to ensure people can keep up with what the world is talking about at any given time. Moments — a curated set of Tweets about a particular topic — are a powerful way to do so. With this partnership with Dailyhunt, a platform that caters to diverse languages and readers from all parts of India, we are thrilled to extend Twitter Moments to the Dailyhunt app”

DailyHunt is super excited about its “biggest collaboration” as well. Umang Bedi, co-founder of Dailyhunt and former head of Facebook India, said, “the past year has shown us the power of public opinion and awareness and it is incumbent upon us to mobilize this discourse by making information more accessible, more reliable, and more engaging. When a trusted partner with our shared vision of enabling consumers to create and share information without barriers validates our platform with their presence, we know we are on the right path.”

DailyHunt recently turned a unicorn, and raised over $100 million in a round from AlphaWave (a unit of Falcon Edge Capital), Google, and Microsoft, among others.