Google today announced a new project- a private subsea cable which will link the United States and Europe. The new cable network, named Grace Hopper after the trailblazer computer scientist, will be built by SubCom, a company that has experience with Google’s other cable networks.

The network will have landing points in Bude, UK and Bilbao, Spain in Europe, which will connect the continent to U.S. using the starting point in New York.

“A contract to build the cable was signed earlier this year with Eatontown, N.J.-based subsea cable provider, SubCom, and the project is expected to be completed in 2022. said Bikash Koley, Vice President, Google Global Network.

Grace Hopper, Google’s first-ever route to Spain, will support the company’s upcoming google cloud region in Madrid. The company has been aiming to establish the region over Madrid from quite some time, and this new presence in Europe will help form a stable network in the region.

Grace Hopper will help Google improve its services in this ‘busy global crossroad’ and will power google services like Google Meet, Gmail and Google cloud.

A very unique thing about Grace hopper is that it will have ‘novel optical fibre switching’, which essentially means that in case the other internet facilities are not operational (due to outages or excessive traffic), Google will still be able to supply data using Grace Hopper. Hence this unique factor makes it act like a reliable safety net. “Grace Hopper is the world’s first submarine cable to use this technology, and we look forward to deploying the technology on other systems in the future.” Bikash Koley wrote in the blog post.

Grace Hopper is Google’s fourth private cable, following Curie (U.S. and South America), Dunant(U.S. and France) and Equiano(Europe and Africa) all of which connect and span over far away continents. In addition to this, it is also an investor 15 other cable lines. More interestingly, it is rumoured that Google might be a part of the yet to be completed Blue-Raman Cable which will connect India to Italy through Israel.

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