Looks like Microsofts’s ambitions for a fold-able or dual-screen device are still very much alive and kicking. It has been widely speculated, for a decent period of time, that Microsoft has been working on it’s new dual screen surface device. Adding to those speculations are some new reports, which reveal that this new surface device could come with the ability to run Android apps.

Code named Centaurus, this device is aimed at users obsessed with productivity. Rumors have been in the air since the last year and the device is reportedly said to run Android apps along with Apple’s iCloud. What stands out however, is its compatibility for Android apps, a feat Huawei too has been trying to achieve for its own OS. Looks like folks at Microsoft took their founder Bill Gates’ admission, literally seriously.

Research firm IHS Markit told Forbes that the next Microsoft Surface will be launched with dual-screen, each having a 9-inch display and a 4:3 aspect ratio operating Windows Lite OS . It’s also expected to have always-on connectivity via LTE or 5G, thanks to Intel’s latest 10nm processors. The device is said to debut in first half of next year. It is particularity designed to be the hero device for a wave of new dual-screen tablet / laptop hybrids.

Centaurus is believed to be among the first devices to use Microsoft’s unannounced Windows Lite operating system, nicknamed Window Core OS. The OS lets developers build custom Windows operating systems for their devices. Windows Core OS will surely help the company create much more lightweight versions of its core OS, helping the company tackle the massive growth of Chrome OS devices such as Chromebooks.

It’s been reported that Microsoft’s Surface hardware team recently showed off a dual-screen Surface device internally at an employee-only event. According to the reports coming in from The Verge, the tech giant intends to hold Surface invents in New York City in October.

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