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Amazon has always relied on user feedback and their ranking data as an integral element to foster sales on its platform, and now the e-commerce behemoth is coming forward with a new formula to add more buyers with its book business.

Amazon has introduced a now ‘Amazon Charts’ today, which is a very different type of bestseller list which will, for the very first time, provide the user with a list of “top 20” most read books on Amazon. The metric which prepares this list will also take into account the books which are read on Kindle or listened to via Audible. And besides this, the company is also launching another list of “top 20” most sold books on Amazon, which will not just include the books sold or pre-ordered, but also the ones which were borrowed each week on, Audible and Amazon Books.

This is, however, not the first instance when the company is launching a book ranking scheme. Since the advent of Amazon into the market, it has been providing a “best sellers” list both in general or in specific categories, in order to calculate the copies it has sold under different categories . It also provided a part of its sales analysis with the authors with an aim of bringing more publishers and seller on its platform.

The company has always been looking for a more analytical and socially connectible way of using the information of what the users are reading for boosting its sales.

David Naggar, VP of Kindle Content, says that it is the most authentic list of recommendations which is actually a curated one . He says in a statement:

When friends make a book recommendation, they recommend books they are really reading and loving. Many well-known bestseller lists today add, remove, or re-rank books based on editorial considerations and customers have asked for a bestseller list that is based on reading engagement and sales data, rather than an opinion-based list of what books they should be paying attention to. We’re excited to give book lovers Charts to help them discover their next great read. 

In case you are worried, Amazon is also linking this list with its Alexa, which means if you now ask an Alexa powered device about the list of top-20 books of the week, it will read the same out for you verbally.

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