Medium is rolling out a new feature of ‘audio stories’ on its platform in an attempt to provide more incentives to users who have subscribed to its paid membership program. This service will exclusively be available for all the Medium members where they could play an audio version of all the stories created specifically for them. The service will also be made available for few selected best posts of Medium, where those posts will be selected by the company’s staff itself.

This service will not be a simple text-to-speech translation of the published content, rather, it will be  professional recording from actual voice artists, or from the post writer themselves in certain cases. Medium is positive that its users will enjoy this new feature while they are driving or involved into other important activities which prevent them from reading.

Medium is an online publishing firm, created by Twitter’s co-founder Ean Williams, where it allows you to share your perspective on any random matter. The posts on this website are categorized by the author’s name and not the subject, which is its major difference from Blogger. It allows you to up-vote the posts along with sharing and recommending to other viewers. The readers could follow the writers and the topics which concern them, and the service provides them with personalized feed everyday.

The audio feature will be available from today on the website along with Medium’s iOS and Android apps. It will launch with 50 such stories where more of its kind will be added with every passing week.

The company is looking forward to further expand its audio program, with a more planned membership model, which too may roll out some time soon. It should be remembered that Medium’s premium membership program is still limited. So the company is still more into a testing what works mode, with regards to these new features.

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