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In a bid to increase the usefulness of its bookmarks feature, Instagram has announced that it will now let users organize them into private collections. The company has even introduced a new feature with the same name. Users will now be able to organize all the posts they have saved into private groups, allowing them to visit a whole lot of similar pictures or posts at once.

The addition capitalizes upon the Bookmarking feature, which itself was introduced fairly recently. While introducing bookmarking, Instagram wanted to let people save images they liked without having to download them to their device. For the users, this provided them with an easier way to separate images that they felt like they would want to get back at a later date. This also ensured that the images stayed safe, whereas they braved the fear of being accidentally deleted while on the camera roll. For Instagram itself, the app engagement was likely to have been affected in a positive manner as users would come back to visit the posts they admired so in the first place.


And it is not a redundant feature either. Instagram believes that almost half of its total user base has saved at least one post. The company is now building further upon bookmarking. That is a significant number and is a clear indication that people have taken to bookmarking like a duck takes to the water. Meanwhile, all you need to do to add a particular bookmark to a collection is tap and hold on the bookmark icon underneath the post. This allows you to save it directly to a pre-existing collection, or even create a new one on the spur of the moment.

Speaking on the topic, the company said:

Since we introduced the ability to save posts last December, 46 percent of Instagrammers have saved at least one post. Whether you want to plan your next day trip, revisit your favorite artists’ illustrations or always have some animal videos on hand, collections can help you keep track of the posts you want to remember.

You can also tap the “plus” icon in the top right corner of the screen and name a new collection. Once through, simply select the saved posts you would like to add to the collection and you are all set. Interestingly, while the likes of Pinterest use collections of images as a way to encourage sharing, Instagram’s preference is more towards letting users deploy collections for private albums that can be viewed at their leisure.

To use this feature, simply update your Instagram. Collections is available for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play as part of Instagram version 10.16.

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