While we are all busy spending our daily lives, mostly on social networks or the interwebs on general, have you ever thought whether the services you’re using today will be available 50 odd years from now or not? Well, there’s one person who believes the technology behemoths of today, namely Apple, Google as well as Facebook, will continue to exist in the year 2075. The name of that individual is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The discussion about the industries who’ll continue to disrupt the industry even after such a lengthy period of existence happened during an interview Wozniak conducted with USA Today. He offered his prediction with regards to the theme of upcoming Silicon Valley Comic-con (SVCC), which Wozniak helped create last year.

The theme of the three-day conference, which focuses on the intersection of the rapidly growing as well as gripping pop culture with technological advancement, is ‘The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be in 2075?’

In the interview, Wozniak mentions that he and the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs built their business to last forever. Started back in April 1976, the Steve duo wouldn’t have exactly thought they will be conquering the world with innovative, new product offerings across different categories. Both of them did have strong opinions about the future and how it would look like. They were shaping it back then and are still setting benchmarks for others in the industry.

Talking about the same, he continued to add,

Apple will be around a long time, like IBM. Look at Apple’s cash. It can invest in anything. It would be ridiculous to not expect them to be around [in 2075]. The same goes for Google and Facebook.

This prediction from the man who gave us one of the finest pieces of technology (i.e the Macintosh) cannot be taken lightly. Wozniak is no stranger to predictions as he believed portable laptops would start selling in 1982 (and this happened in 1981, while Apple joined the party in 1989).

And his prediction that Apple, as well as other tech giants, will be bigger and larger operations in 2075 can surely be true, seeing the pace of each of their innovations and grip over the industry. IBM has continued to exist and innovate for over 100 years, since 1911, then why can Apple or Google or even Facebook not exist 50+ years from now?

Further, Wozniak not only shared his prediction over the state of technology and whether Apple will continue to exist. He also added that there’s a sad possibility that a robotically re-animated Mark Zuckerberg (or any other tech magnate) will lead the humankind into the 22nd century. This will also see new cities emerge in the deserts, where houses will be dome-shaped and people will be required to wear special suits to roam about on Earth – meaning Global warming would finally catch up to us and the environment wouldn’t exactly be favorable for life.

Wozniak further believes that artificial intelligence is currently at a nascent stage and will grip over most avenues of our life in the future. By 2075, the doctors will be dead and AI-powered robots will diagnose humans – something shown in the CBS TV series Pure Genius. He also predicts life and colonies on Mars, Elon Musk you definitely have a supporter here. Wozniak believes we will be inhabiting the Red Planet by 2075 but our interaction with aliens is still uncertain. He said that we could keep trying but didn’t have high hopes for the prospects of the same.

He further concludes the interview adding that there are several technologies as well as ideas we couldn’t have predicted even a year ago. From what this sounds like, Wozniak is pretty positive about the future and excited about the prospects of computing as well.

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