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What do you do when you are Google and you suddenly realize that you are somewhat lagging in the race to launch social and IM applications? Well, you flood the market with apps of course. The past few months have seen Google launch a slew of new applications to the market while also updating pre-existing ones — including Allo, Duo and Meetings. The company is now said to be working on a new kind of social app that will allow its users to edit photos together in small groups.

The company confirmed the existence of such an app to TechCrunch. So here is the idea: It is not so much a messaging app as much as an app where users can upload pictures t small groups, and then every one can edit and add stuff to the said pictures. The point is to create memories for the future together while also enjoying the actual creation process.

Google is also likely to introduce its own machine learning smarts to the mix which will enable recognition of objects in the picture. Going forward, the machine learning tools may even help users apply filters and stuff to the picture under consideration.

Meanwhile, the timing of the app is drawing suspicion considering that it is pretty similar to the Clips app announced by Apple very recently, Clips in its turn, seem to have drawn inspiration from Paths — an app that allows users to share pictures and other wise communicate in small groups rather than on public forums. Indeed, Google attempted to purchase the app but things didn’t quite work out back then.

The company is bearing down so hard upon creating some kind of a social experience because several of its competitors (Facebook, Twitter) that vye with it for advertising dollars have been making it big using the very same thing. Google+ didn’t work out despite the company’s best efforts and Google is now looking for some success. Meanwhile, what with all the experimentation that seems to be going on at the company, it is likely to arrive at a successful formula sooner rather than later.

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