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Samsung Galaxy S8 to reportedly include a dedicated button to call upon its AI assistant ‘Bixby’

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Even though Samsung has faced mass criticism due to exploding Note 7 batteries, the Korean giant looks forward to its upcoming device Galaxy S8, to be released in April this year. In line with present trends, the phone will come equipped with Samsung’s own AI assistance. And the company is planning to give you instant access to it through a new physical button. Yes, a new button!

As reported earlier, Samsung acquired the next-gen AI assistant platform Viv, founded by the creators of Siri just a few months aback. And the Korean giant is all set to make it the best AI Assistant existent considering the recent facts explored. Also, it is naming it ‘Bixby.’

Apart from being a regular AI assistant that we have observed until now, the Viv’s AI software is developed and designed with algorithms capable of answering complex questions. Queries present AI assistants struggle to cope up will be easily responded by Bixby. Viv CEO had, during the launch, shown off its ability to reply to layered inquiries. For example: “Find me a flight to Dallas with a seat that Shaq could fit in.”

The Viv-based voice assistant will have a presence across all of the native Samsung apps that come installed on the smartphones. It could also be linked to third-party apps to perform functions just like Google Photos and Apple’s standard Photos app. It is not only capable of binding with third-party apps to perform specific tasks but also has the ability to adapt and write its own code over a period of time. But, reports suggest that there is still more yet to credit to the AI assistant, the software will be integrated with the phone’s camera too.

But, reports suggest that there is still more yet to credit to the AI assistant, the software will be integrated with the phone’s camera too. The integrated feature will process text via OCR technology. Moreover, it will be capable of carrying out searches for objects and texts besides identifying them. Still not excited enough? Don’t worry there’s more to Bixby.

The much-hyped smartphone will be equipped with a fourth physical button, buzzed as an alternative for quick activation of Bixby. This adds to the speculated specifications of Galaxy S8 which includes integration of thermal pipes,  large 5.7-inch display, microUSB port, 3.5 mm audio jack port etc. It might also feature an improved AMOLED display along with 6GB of RAM. For now, Siri needs to watch out as Bixby is soon to enter the industry taking the benchmarks much higher.

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