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Apple may be readying to roll out a new, iOS 10.3 beta version

Apple is known for it’s versatility in launching new hardware and software with effective and distinguished features. Rumors are that the multinational company is ready to release iOS 10.3 beta. According to a tweet by Sonny Dickson, the said iOS beta will be released with a new feature called ‘theater mode’ which will be accessible via a popcorn shaped icon in the control center.

There was no elucidation made about this theater mode but the name suggests that it will provide a set of settings suitable for use in movie theater. It also suggests that it could be related to movie playback, but Dickson believes that it is going to be a form of enhanced Dark mode. If Dickson is correct , then it would mean that one button would be multi –functional as it may automatically turn off things like sound, notification for calls and messages and the screen will become dimmer , making it a perfect setting for use in, say a movie theater.

Apple is becoming more and more prolific with beta releases of both iOS and macOS softwares. The iOS 10.3 beta will be launched on 10th Of January, this year and will continue the same trend. Apple’s current mobile operating system version, iOS 10.2, was launched earlier this month with new emoji characters, tweaks to music on iPhone and support for the company’s new TV app. Most recently, Apple released the second beta version of iOS , 10.2.1 to public testers last week with minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Now, lets see what distinct features iOS 10.3 beta brings in and if the theater mode that is being rumored is what we think it is. Of course, with Apple you never really know. It could keep the feature under wraps or it could turn out to serve some entirely different purposes altogether. We will know more once Apple rolls out the beta in a week’s time.