While Samsung’s mobile unit is currently in a lot of trouble over its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7s battery issues, its computer unit is coming up with a new premium desktop computer — Art PC Pulse. The device comes in a circular tower-like design, which is definitely reminiscent of Apple’s Mac Pro.

There have previously been rumors, coupled along with a teaser video, that pointed towards the launch of the Samsung tower PC on October 10th i.e yesterday. Interestingly, the PC hasn’t been officially been announced by Samsung yet, but Amazon has already outed the secret. And this doesn’t even seem to be goof up as the product page is still accessible and gives you a detailed insight into the specifications.


As we mentioned, the device comes in a tower-like circular case design, which is a very compact. It measures 5.5 x 5.5 x 12.2 inches, and the listing says it’s ’87 percent’ the size of the average desktop. It also features a cool lighting effect that could likely be customised based upon different app notifications.

It features an aluminum bodywork, and is referred as “an exquisite expandable design“, which allows you to “attach and remove expansion modules to customize your own system”.

One of the major highlight of this desktop PC is the high-end audio features. It comes with Harmon Kardon omni-directional speaker for those times when having sound in one direction just isn’t enough. This, however, is not sure if

Coming to the internals, the Art PC Pulse will be available in two configurations, both with 6th-generation Skylake Intel Core processors, which is kind of disappointing as Intel has already launched its newest 7th-gen Kaby Lake chips.

The Core i5 model comes with 8GB of RAM, and costs $1,199; while the Core i7 version is priced at $1,599, and comes with 16GB of RAM. Both pack in a 256 GB solid-state drive, and a 2GB AMD Radeon RX 460 graphics card. A 1TB hard drive is listed as one of the optional modules for the Core i5 model, but the Core i7 model includes that module as part of its price. So, for the extra $400 bucks, you’re already getting extra 1 TB of storage on your PC.

The circular tower includes a range of ports, including full-size USB, USB Type-C, 3.5mm audio, Ethernet, and HDMI, as well as a full-size SD card slot. The PC runs on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home Signature Edition.

While Samsung has not yet announced this Art PC Pulse, the listing on Amazon suggests that the device will be launched on October 28. Both the devices are currently up for pre-order, so get one if like the sound or looks of it.

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