Founded by Hayden Bleasel earlier this year, Sydney-based startup Presumi is a platform that allows job seekers to create and send out a trackable job application and resume, helps them manage each application from start to finish. How cool is that?

A data analytics company that operates primarily in education and recruitment, Presumi aims to assist job seekers in their employment search process by automating a lot of the manual labor, such as tracking applications. The tool further helps job seekers enrich their job applications through analytics and management tools.

Users can upload their resume, apply for jobs, send traceable emails for job applications and receive data tracking and analysis information. The official website describes it as,

Presumi is a collection of superpowers for jobs: creating and optimizing trackable resumes, finding jobs, managing your applications and work with others.

The product is a collection of tools that makes finding and applying for jobs much easier, smarter and faster. Building on the first two tools (job application management and smart resume tracking), Presumi will soon be releasing a large range of tools over the coming months to solve different pain points such as finding jobs, getting feedback, etc.

The initial product designed by Bleasel, was a simple job application management tool, a CMS for jobs built to help keep people updated on what companies they were applying to, application deadlines, interviews, and contacts. Thereafter, Presumi started focusing on resume tracking, which generated a lot more interest from job seekers.

The website currently tracks how many times a resume has been opened, what links have been clicked on, how long it has been viewed for, and per view. Bleasel explained there are more analytics to come soon, but currently, the focus is not so much on the data a job seeker can view, but more upon the insights the startup is gathering.

With our understanding of the market and the constant influx of data we get, we can help job seekers really understand what’s happening with transforming that data into insights, such as why you didn’t get the job and what you can do to improve.

The main service of sending out resumes through the platform is free, however job seekers must buy Presumi Credits to access analytics on their application and advice on how to optimize their resume. At present, four credits can be obtained for $1.

However, it is interesting to note that the startup’s major customers are not job seekers, but educational institutions such as universities and TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institutions, which are increasingly focusing on helping their students find jobs after graduation.

In order to fix issues across the whole recruitment process, Presumi has also been looking at creating a range of solutions for employers.

Speaking on this, Bleasel adds,

There are plenty of problems for us to work with, but we need to decide what’s important and we will look at it again once we have solved our current market’s issues.

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