You may know LeEco (formerly known as LeTV) as the newest Chinese smartphone maker to enter India, with its first device — the LeEco Le 1S — last year. And while the company did sell a lot of smartphones in the mid-range category here, we’re not here to discuss about smartphones today.

LeEco is yet another example of how Chinese electronic companies — starting ground up from smartphones — are spreading wings and rapidly diversifying businesses. Xiaomi, the over $50 Billion upstart, is another shining example of the same, with its foray into smart home products along with other smart appliances.

LeEco meanwhile, pulled the curtains off its first autonomous electric car prototype, the LeSEE, which is feature packed and looks like a sleek, charming white chariot from the future. The four-seater electric car surely is a result of the efforts and the joint-venture between Le Corp and Tesla-challenger, Faraday Future. The LeEco Corporation has invested huge amounts of money into the Faraday Future passion project and has also made certain investments into Aston Martin as well.

CEO Jia Yueting gave the attendees a live demo of the self-driving and self-parking capabilities of the LeSEE, using voice commands via a mobile app. This shows that LeEco is down to brawl, and offer ‘smart’ and ‘connected’ autonomous features, just like the world leader in electric cars, Tesla.

Yueting further added,

When everyone is questioning us over our ability to develop a car like this and is laughing at us, we are still able to be here and show you this car. I hopes that when the car hits the market, it will help China’s auto industry reach the forefront of the global auto sector.

I am so emotional.


In the official video, the car has conventional front doors and rear suicide doors, and somehow, the back seats have a shape adapting foam, that will apparently adapt to the shape of the passengers’ bodies. The back side of the front sides have touchscreens embedded in them, which can obviously take advantage of LeEco’s rich video entertainment platforms. The car will also include face recognition and self-learning capabilities, but we’ll have to wait on those, reports Engadget.

Jia also shared the fact that LeEco is also developing a car-sharing business in connection with its green car efforts.

The distinguished elite entrepreneurs of China, also expect industry policymakers to mandate providers of public transportation such as bus companies, taxi operators and even courier services to purchase electric vehicles and invest in charging infrastructure to usher in an electric future.

There is no talk about the specifications of this wonder car, because this is a mere concept/prototype and will be shown off at the Beijing Auto Show on April 24th. This is certainly and exciting turn of events, with Faraday Future and Aston Martin also working on electric cars, in partnership with LeEco.

Is the distinguished territory of Tesla in serious danger? I think not yet. Comment your thoughts down below.

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