Chinese search engine giant, Baidu while exhibiting at the Ad: Tech event in New Delhi announced that it is launching the DU Ad Platform for advertisers and publishers in India. The DU Ad Platform will aid advertisers by providing intelligent targeted ads while publishers can benefit from the new extended support of the platform with well-designed monetisation solutions.

The platform has the capacity to reach over 1 billion people and advertisers and publishers will largely benefit with this vast reach of their ads in the emerging and developed markets.

Advertisers and publishers have different needs and we want to make it work for both sides. Baidu has extensive experience in big data and cloud computing. This expertise was a huge asset for us to build our ad platform and help advertisers find the right customers. We’re really excited to finally bring it to India,

said Tim Yang, general manager of Baidu India.

Baidu also announced that it is setting up local servers to boost its cloud computing technology, which has been extended into this platform.

The extended support for its DU Ad Platform will also benefit India’s digital advertising market which is expanding at a rapid rate.

With the continual growth of the smartphone market in the country, digital advertisers are looking towards smartphone devices as a tool to reach the plethora of audiences. . As per a study conducted by Deloitte, the mobile ad market in India has a year-on-year growth rate of 70 percent and crossed $70 million in 2015 in terms of total capital spent in the market.

We know that lots of publishers have trouble balancing monetisation and user experience, and we think we have great solutions for them.

added Yang.

Baidu first unveiled its DU Ad Platform last year at the Baidu World conference in Beijing. Apart from this platform, the Chinese search engine giant offers advertising solutions on its Android app store called MoboMarket, which has also been launched in Hindi.

The DU Ad Platform will provide advertisers with solutions such as setting up of banner advertisements, support for native advertisements among others. Publishers on the other hand can use its cloud platform for cloud network acceleration, faster API integration as well as reaching out through native ads on various platforms.

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